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  • When I’m 65. The precarity of delirium. #WDAD2023

    I’m not sure that I ‘understand’ delirium, frailty or dementia. I think few do. Before the person I ended up caring for 24/7 was officially diagnosed with both frailty and dementia, I had been aware of the magical significance of the number ’65’. Rather like the number 42 being the meaning of life, as attributed…

  • Gary Lineker is more than a troublesome tweeter. He is a Trojan Horse for the political expression.

    Peter Hitchens made one fundamental mistake in his Daily Mail article about Hitler. That mistake was not to argue that Hitler was ‘left wing’. The article served its function, in being a click magnet, and also in trolling individuals of a certain political persuasion. The fundamental mistake was to define politics in terms of ‘left…

  • Being ahead

    The famous tweet goes, ‘Anyone who’d be a half decent leader of the Opposition would be twenty points ahead?’ – or something like that. Things can only get better. For a few months now, Labour has been way ahead in the opinion polls. Rishi Sunak, as the latest Prime Minister, never really benefitted from a…

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